HRExtra is designed to provide you with clear, practical and commercial advice for your employment and HR problems. It gives you access to our specialist employment solicitors for a fixed annual fee.

HRExtra includes:


As an HRExtra member you will have direct access to our team of employment solicitors whenever you need advice. Your key contact and the team will develop an ongoing relationship with you and your business.

Our experience means that we will have helped other clients with similar problems, so we can advise you on practical solutions with the benefit of this experience. We tell you what you can do, not what you can’t do.

Document health check

At the beginning of your HRExtra membership, we will carry out a health check of your existing employment documents. Following this initial review, we will provide you with any new or updated documents that you need.

Unlike many other schemes, we will provide you with documents that match your specific needs, rather than giving you generic documents that you would then need to adapt yourself.

HRExtra Manual

Through our online HRExtra Manual you’ll have access to up-to-date template letters and policies, guidance notes and step by step guides whenever you need them, and we’ll help tailor these to your needs.

These documents range from letters inviting employees to disciplinary hearings and guidance notes on how to manage sickness absence, through to template documents to deal with flexible working requests.

Employment tribunal insurance

You have the option of adding legal expenses insurance, which will cover your organisation against the legal costs of defending employment tribunal claims and any compensation that might be awarded against you. If the claim is settled, the settlement amount is also covered.

If you are faced with an employment tribunal claim, the insurance cover will allow us to continue to act for you, without you incurring any further legal costs.

Restrictive covenant enforcement insurance

If you have restrictive covenants in your employees’ contracts of employment (for example to prevent a senior manager from approaching your clients after they leave), you can also add the benefit of insurance protection to cover the legal costs of enforcing these covenants in court.

If your employees know that you have this insurance cover, it can be a real deterrent.

Health and Safety prosecution insurance

If you need it, your HRExtra membership also gives you the option of adding the benefit of health and safety insurance as well.

This will help to cover the legal fees in the event that you find yourself with a need to defend against health and safety prosecutions.

Seminars and training

As an HRExtra member, we are able to guarantee you a place at our hugely popular seminars and master classes that take place throughout the year.

Employment law updates

As a HRExtra member, you’ll be automatically registered for our legal updates and we’ll provide you with specific updates to your employment documentation and guidance when you need it.

Advice on commercial law

As an HRExtra member, if you find that you have a commercial legal issue, our team of commercial solicitors will be available to provide an initial consultation free of charge.