Welcome to the HRExtra Manual.

On the right hand side of the page you will find a list of various topics which represent some of the most frequently raised issues connected with managing employees.

Under each topic you will find guidance notes and, where appropriate, template policies, procedures and letters for you to download and customise.

You will see that the template letters have highlighted sections for you to amend depending on the specific circumstances.

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If you use these template letters it is important that you download them from the manual each time. The guidance and templates that make up this manual are reviewed and updated regularly to take account of any legal changes. If you save the templates to your own systems in order to reuse them there is a risk that they will not be up to date and so may not reflect the current legal position.

After preparing any letters using the templates in this manual you should forward the letter to your HRExtra adviser for it to be reviewed before you send it to your employee.

The use of any guidance or templates found in this manual is subject to our terms of use, which can be found here.